memories i shal not forget.

these are all memories of e1 till now. end of sem1! i love them so much!
guys, we will b frens forever!! even if im married. xD ekhem3 ke3/ lililalalla!!

im cuttin vc's hair. am i good or wat?
its sitobelei's bday!

study group! not so. :P
im da saviour of the world! jeng3
ugly faces.

im in red shirt! spot me!

dang. can u see me. sissy/ ==
im da saviour of the world!! (old)

we haf done so many stupid things together.!!''

includin this. :D

wts wrong wit me. no advice me before nt to do dat. ==
guys. guud luck in ur exam. we will meet again in sem2!
one j

oh my futsal~ xD~!

my old futsal topic!! kekeke!
lets haf a glance on it!

from front* me, brandon, anthony, huba, ben, vc, alvin, christ.
our first match. FUN but draw. :(
our cheerleadersss! teeehee!
family picture! :D

our cheerleaders leader? ==
brandon! striker! go score la!

vc. my goalkeeper. goooood job!!
huba! more than any amateur player. :D
constipated lookin guy! nola, its christ!
me myself. no comment xD
ben. lalazai. i cant forget that penalty. ==
anthony. good lookin huh? :D
alvine, din haf a chance to let him play dou.
its our first time to join a futsal competition in tarc. hmm. pretty weelll, aldou we are lack of experience. but its still nice to play it wit my frens.. guys, we can make it to the quaterfinal, its already more than ive expected. next time we wiilll try again! we will see final survivor in finals!! GOGOGO!! EXTREME 1 GO!
one j


new bike. suzuki panther txr150cc!

not dat new la.. around 2weeks d. bought it after ive lost my rxz.. T.T..
but still i love my new bike.. highway 160km/hour no problem.. :D
nola. safety first, nw use as transport to college. i name my bike xiao pao (smal panther).
hahaha. eh he same age wit me.. == made in 1991, thailand. haiseh. nice bike la, spare my heart..


one j. love.

my dearest love..


hard bass korruption 2


get application form from team leader darren aka monkey. msn ham.zhu.shau@hotmail.com


/HBK2 yuen/manager

one j


another day, haih.

hey im finally to reblog again. haha. oh ya.. wanna say sorry to grace for missin her bday party.. haiseehh.. if its on 22nd or 24th, i wil surely b there.. 23rd jz a bad day.. lol.. anyway hepy bday la!! eh u noe ure lucky la wei, no1 celebrates my bday since standard5 le.. heyooh.. bt who cares.. every year ure one age older, every year there is ur bday.. thats wt i think la.. haihh... hope u guys enjoy at redbox la.. :D

no new pictures. coz no hp. but i got lots n lots of old pictures that i would lik to share wit all of u.. xD

u noe sgwang 6th floor, thr is a camera machine. big head photo thing.. its expensive.. but its free when u take photos wit ur hp from da display screen. dun let ppl c dou la, paiseehh eh.. hahaha!!

and its totally free, wit kinda nice natural effect.

hahaha. nice rite? go try it urself. :D
ehhhheyy actually im quite good in takin photo and edit them..
its nice and such a good thing to spend ur time with.. anyone intrested?
i can edit them for freeeeeee... :D

diz is actually a picture of my shoe n my gf's shoe.. lol. nice rite? xD haiseh. ill put more soon.

well then, peace all, take care all.
i miss my classmate wei.. :(
haha! haiseeehh..

one j. love.



saya bukan gangster..
saya bukan samseng..
saya bukan taiko..
tapi saya tak senang dibuli.

its worth it.!

today is durian day!!

last monday.. lyon brought some durians from his hometown.. since he cant finish all of em, he invited us to join da durian fest.. xDD me ahyin weixiang lyon wingsoon louis, all of us. teehee.. :)
lazy type, ill let the pictures do da 'talking'. :D

<--lyon louis me, obviously enjoying! xD!

this is wt i call express ur feelings~

diz iz kinda * nt guud* lookin. xD



a l l a b o u t m e . . .



wee.. bak to tbr lurh..
will b bak soon..
mayb ill blog thr but mostly wont. xD
wait till i cum bak ba.. teehee..
kembali senyum..


nice iznt?


criiz club!

nw this what i call a club

[ wit kyori ]

[ wit abg ben ]

[ i don reli know him xD ]

hey shuffle meetup was so COOOL! every1 was lik wearin glow in dark pants, and each of them was trying theri best shufflin n make other people impress. lol. nth much to write bout diz, coz is kinda long ago.. sudah lupa. but i remember im havin alots of fun thr. n meet alot new frens too~

im bak!

living outside.

im currently takin broadcastin course at tarc. its far away from here(my hse), n its nt easy to travel there everyday as its wastin money n also time. so im livin outside, sumwhr around my college, hibiscus garden. lol. actually its taman bunga raya, im jz trying to make it sounds more classy. xD firstly i tot its easy living outside, after my first week, i realize its nt gonna b easy..
wtf~ i lazy type long long so ill jz list out all da "home" n "another home" thingy. i guess u guys can haf better understandin.


\eat for free?
\dun haf to wash own shirts
\can stay naked in room
\can go shsh witout closing toilet door
\and many other positive things

(im referrin to my permanent home)

\haf to pay for my own food
\wash my own f*******kin shirst (which i dun normaly do)
\must wear at least singlet in hse (coz thrs female hsemates)
\mst close da door when doin business in toilet (same reason as above)
\and many other things dat i hate doin

conclusion, i love my home.
nothing is sweeter den home sweet home.

ps* hey i love my college life as well, k?


first post for first day..

guess ill bk bloggin, coz in my college, everyone was lik makan blog tidur blog.. == i feel lik outdated if i din haf a blog. actually i haf a blog, bt dat was very long time ago, its reli a "a very long time ago" dat i dun remember its on which mail, n dun reli noe da password already. so i ve decided to create a new one, its not hard.. jz click n click n click den typen den continue clicking, there u go, im already start bloggin my first topic. :D i guess now im free enuf to blog bak~ hopefully.